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Checking options, errors, and spindle / drive hours on a mid-90's Siemens 840C


Sep 16, 2015

I plan on taking a look at a mid 90's Hyundai 2-axis lathe with a Siemens 840c control, but although I'm familiar with a Fanuc 21-TB and Haas VMC, I've never touched a 840c.

Will anyone please tell me the general steps to display the spindle / drive hours, recorded errors, and maybe what options are installed (conversational, rigid tap, etc.)?


On my 840c the hours is a little mechanical clicker in the back, never found a meter in the control.
hit menu select far right bottom button ->diagnostic->error log. Be careful the drives will be supported but the control is no longer supported. Sent a dmp board in for repair and Siemens informed me that if they could not repair it they were transferring me to their retrofit department. You can probably find some parts on ebay or in the wild, but official support has been dropped.