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Checking out a hardinge chucker potential backlash?


Jan 30, 2024
Hey I was checking out a hardinge chucker lathe today, machine seemed worn but not anything alarming when turning the ways. However when I turned the y axis wheel it seemed to have about 1/4 in ( actual movement of wheel not the measurement on the dial) of rotation before it engaged and started moving the axis. When asked the seller stated you compensate by hitting the axis against the adjustable stops and using that as reference. Is this normal it seems wrong for a high precision lathe. I’m looking at getting my first lathe


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Slop in that carriage handwheel shouldnt be an issue, like the guy said you can use the stops, that is why they are there.
Now if that handwheel only moves with about a 1/4" of slop I dont think you find much else that is tighter than that, now 1/4 turn of slop is another story. That wheel engages the rack gear so some play is to be expected. You will also notice there are no graduations on that handwheel, unlike the other two.
It’s a 1/4 in maybe a bit more just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything thanks!