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Cincinnati Falcon 200 - tool holders WTB


Dec 15, 2010
Canada, Alberta
I have an old (1997) Cincinnati Falcon 200 lathe, running Acramatic A2100. I picked it up non-operational, got things sorted out and it seems to work fine. I have now run a few projects, though it is my first experience on a CNC lathe, I’m quite liking it. I’ve been using a VMC a fair amount over the past 5 years - so getting the lathe operation sorted took some head scratching.

The turret has space for 12 tools, but it only came with 7 holders (a mix of square shank - external turning tools and 1.5” round holders - for boring bars, collet chuck etc). I am grateful for having those holders, but a few more would sure be nice. Per the manual there seem to be two types of holders that were offered on this machine: VDI which is pretty common and a square blocky design made by Eppinger. My turret accepts the Eppinger holders - they seem to be less common. I have checked out four local machinery dealers, they have never seem these, contacted Cinci in England (a rep there), and a couple tool holder specialty companies (even Eppinger) and the best I’ve been able to source is to have custom holders made. I have an alert sitting on eBay - had a few hits, but not on what I’m looking for.

Obviously custom work is expensive. I thought I’d ask around a bit if folks can recommend to me any machinery dealers that carry CNC tooling - and I’ll reach out to them. Regards, David


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