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Cincinnati Milicron plastic injection machine HELP PLEASE!

red zilla

Jan 20, 2011
kentucky usa.
This is a little off topic but I know a lot of you all work around plastic injection machines so I wanted to ask you all.
I have 2 Cincinnati Milicron plastic injection machines 1 is a VS85 and the other is a VSX85 but anyways they've both set so long the memory batteries/CMOS batteries went dead and they've lost their parameters and now they won't work do any of you know where I can get the parameter files and instructions on how to load the files to the machines?
I've emailed Cincinnati Milicron several times and they won't email me back, we had these same machines programmed several years ago and they charged us a ridiculous amount of money, if they lose their parameters every time the battery dies I would like to be able to load the file to the machine myself.
I have DNC software and all of the cables to communicate with the machines that I program my CNC equipment with.


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If I were you I would Google those machines and contact people who advertise them. Then call them for help. You may have to pay them for their help. Many of those old machines are obsolete. That's no doubt WHT Milicron doesn't answer you.
Its far more likely they just dont check emails. Or you are emailing the wrong company (doesnt own the rights to the machines after so money bankruptcies and corporate splits).

You have to just...... call them