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Cincinnati Monoset Tool and Cutter Grinder


Hot Rolled
Dec 9, 2003
North Freedom, WI, USA
This Monoset tool and cutter grinder was purchased from Triple R Design in April 2022 and only has 40 hours on it since they rebuilt it. Triple-R was the only Monoset rebuilding specialist in the country that I am aware of and this is one of the very last machines rebuilt by them prior to their retirement at the end of 2022. It is as fresh a machine as you will ever find.

If you know your Monosets, you'll see that I have made a few modifications to the machine so that I can grind internal radii on 6"-diameter punches for my customer. No bridges have been burned and this grinder will be returned to its completely original condition upon sale. That is unless you want to grind punches for a canning factory.

Asking $37,500

John Hallis
North Freedom, WI
email: [email protected]
YouTube channel: dauntlessendeavors1000


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What is the payback on this machine?
Yes I get that it is super nice.
ROI. 35K. At best this will run $60-80 per hour. Minus expendables and labor.
It is great and would love to have it but..
On the other hand this is the cost for such and it does makes sense.
CB, what is the market for this machine in today's cutter grinding world? Given today's interest rates, it needs to return 1/4 -1/3 or so of purchase price per year just for machine usage. What would you have to pay a man who could make it sing (if even available)?