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Circles have flats

Hi all, I didn’t get a chance to have a look at the machine until this weekend so il give an update.
Hi carbidebob. I have heard of diamond square circle and did do it when setting up the machine that’s what showed the flats on circles when I first tried to set it up.
I did another square diamond circle and it was slightly off not by much and not enough to cause what I was seeing.
I striped down the machine again and had a closer look. I was checking the servo motor coupling an noticed it was a bit spongy when rotating in by hand.
There was no movement when I try to push the axis forward and back. So when I tried to rotate the coupling it would rotate a bit then the the servo would move it back to position .
I had a look at the inertia ration setting and was set at 2 for axis. I brought this up and it seems to line 27. I have posted a pic of the results and it’s much better. It still needs a bit more tuning but since I there is no software available to tune these I will have to do it manually with an oscilloscope, that’s a job for another day.
Thanks for all the advice and help. It’s much appreciated.