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Clamps for sheet metal fixture, Dimide or Vise-Grip or fabricate something?


Oct 9, 2014
South Dakota
Trying to hold sheet metal down in a fixture with a series of clamps. Using the fixture in the forming process so plenty of tension on the clamps. Currently standard 10' Vise-grip clamps, but would like to mount a clamp permanently so don't have to carry an armful of Vise-grips around. I'd figure on using an impact to clamp and unclamp.
My question:
Is there a rating on clamping force of a Vise-grip?
I could build something with a 5/8 bolt as a set-screw clamp. What force would this have?
Is the style of these clamps (Dimide https://dimide.com/collections/dimide-clamps) more or less force than just a set screw?
Thanks for any ideas.
You might want to try 10 inch vice grips instead of 10 foot? A little easier to carry around… (grin)
Those Dimide clamps look very good and you might be able to connect them to your jig via the screw so they could swing out of the way for reloading. I like to put springs under clamps so they lift up when released and I can swing them away and back into place easily.
A 5/8” bolt should have plenty of clamping force.
I could offer more suggestions if you post a pic of your jig.
I also have a few drill press vice grips that mount to the table with a bolt and are quite nice to use but possibly less holding power than a normal vice grip given the flat swivel jaw plate.
For sheet metal I'd look at toggle clamps. You don't need 5,000# clamps, just a few hundred pounds clamping force should be fine.