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Clark forklift questions


May 9, 2023
Looking to buy new master cylinders and trying to make sure that I get the right ones. Can anyone tell me the numbers what to buy on both cylinders? Thanks


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I've had great service using the chat on the web page at liftpartswarehouse, with some of the parts even cheaper than ebay. If the cost for that master cylinder is stupid high, just rebuild it; the rebuild kit for mine was very expensive so I just got the seal I needed here: https://www.theoringstore.com/store/. My master would have been $550, rebuild kit was 250+, the seal was $16 for two! (granted its a two stage unit for operating the inching system with the first part of the stroke, and brake for the last part, and the rebuild kit included some special metal parts.)
If you have a decent NAPA they should be able to fix you up. I have no idea why it has 2 different sets of numbers on it, they both look like Bendix part numbers.