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Clausing A50 1018 alarm


Cast Iron
Dec 4, 2009
N.E. Pa.
I once again have this alarm on my lathe. I looked at other posts but the other problems seem different. I went to do a tool change and it threw this 1018 turret to slow alarm. I can't seem to reset the alarm. Does anyone have any info on this control its a 21i-t. Info such as which switches are on or off in different turret positions.
I don't know the turret reset procedure. Please tell me how. Is it the same thing as homing the turret? If it is I don't know how to do thar either.
Kallam please send me a private message. Since you have experience with these specific machines it may be helpful to talk in person.
This is a bad picture of the procedure.
If your control is the same as the picture it should work.

Press the mpg then the (x100) key
press keys a and b in the picture at the SAME time.
Turret will unclamp
Press the c button in the picture now use the mpg hand wheel
to rotate the turret until the two timing marks line up on the turret.
when they are lined up press the f1 key and the turret will reclamp.

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That procedure didn't work for my machine. When I could get the 1018 alarm to stop showing up every 10 seconds I commanded a different tool to come in position. When the turret would unclamp I would hit the e-stop. Then hit the control off button. This would leave the turret unclamped with no hydraulics. I could rotate the turret by hand to a different position. When I started it back up it would pull the turret back in. I did this until the tool on the screen matched the tool in position. This machine seems to have gremlins. The 1018 alarm went away just like it showed up. I did a few tool changes after that with no alarm. Oh by the way that alarm would show up every 10 seconds or so with what seemed to be the turret clamped and doing absolutely nothing. I suspect the turret clamped sensor is giving inconsistent signals.