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Clausing Colchester model question for manuals


Oct 13, 2022
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Howdy all,

I have the opportunity to buy one of two Clausing Colchester manual lathes. I am attempting to get ahold of some manuals for them before committing to buy (at auction). The problem is that I do not understand how to go from the information on the lathe and its serial number to a series number that the manuals are organized by. I have two serial numbers: LTR50S1LFV/37547 and 6/0055/33000DD. How do I decipher these into a series? Both manual lathes are 15x54 with DRO.

Any insights are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Probably better to checkout these links.

Google "Colchester triumph 2000 manual" and you get plenty of hits for free PDF's. They are very detailed with good exploded drawings etc
May want to check if lathe in question has Matrix clutch vs Orlinghaus. Matrix is easy to get parts for. Also check if apron is full of water/coolant. If yes, run away…
I picked up a 15”x50” a couple of years ago and Clausing sent me a manual via email that I could forward to you. Mine is mid 80’s according to them!

My serial number is: LTR50GIREV/37538

Even the Chinese knock off version of these lathes is over $20k now,and despite criticism from various sources that "Colchesters arent heavy duty" .....they still fetch a price at auction.
I've never had an issue making parts on my 13x36 Clausing Colchester. It's last home made gun parts and was well taken care of until the owner went full CNC. (He had 3 manual lathes, all Clausing, for sale when I got mine for $1800). It's a round head from the mid 60s.

I love it. It's everything I wanted in a lathe small job/engine/compressor repair type work. Cuts like a dream and is extremely precise. I just wish I had some metric change gears for it.

My point here is keep looking OP, and don't fret about buying an older Colchester! Took me two years and a LOT of input from my dad (retired career machinist) who talked me out of a bunch of non-worthy machines.

You'll find a good lathe at a great price. Just keep adding to the budget as you can.... prices are only heading one way.