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Ok, I've written a very simple facing program. Turned off the extended work offset in fushion 360. When I go to load from the flash drive, I get this. I don't under stand because it's not in the memory. I followed this video for moving a file from the USB to Mem.

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It looks like you are trying to move it from the usb to the usb instead of from the usb to memory.
In most cases, there is likely be spaces between incorrect words.
For example, I expect that G0T0 would be displayed as G0 T0.
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the Alarm in your last picture says that the control already has a program with the same program number. Check the machines main memory for an available program number ie. one that is not in the directory already
When transferred to the machine, how are they displayed?
If I don't proofread first and correct it if I say use zeros instead of the letter o in goto it totally messes with the control and loads it like this G0000000000 T0000000000. NGC is not as bad at that as the classic and legacy controller , but will still do it. Haas lathes for the record.
The only advantage of writing as G01, G02 etc. (instead of G1, G2 etc) is that the program columns generally match and look neat.