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Colchester mascot 1600 problem


Jul 2, 2023
I have a problem with my lathe Colchester mascot 1600.
The spindle from the right revs brakes much longer than from the left.
What can cause this ?

Mine does the same thing. I recently adjusted the brake clutch and that helped. I can only presume because the brake gets used much more in one direction, the clutch plate is worn more. If the clutch plate is a composite, perhaps the grain gets 'smoothed' in one direction? Or perhaps if there are two sets of springs in play, one is weaker? Just guessing, but don't know what else makes sense. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.

The adjustment is pretty easy, pull the collar back and rotate one or two teeth clockwise while facing the chuck. Push the collar back and see if the brake is better. I found I had to have the spindle handle engaged (with the motor off!!!!) to get the collar to move easily.

The upper access panel on the back of the headstock is the one you want, and the collar is the one closest to the chuck.
Check the drive clutch is releasing properly when the brake is applied.
Maybe the ” forward “ clutch is over adjusted. How does the clutch lever engagement feel comparing “ forward “ with “ reverse “ ? it should engage with a positive “ click “. What is the “ pick up “ like when you engage a higher speed, say 1,000 rpm ? Is it quick to get up to speed or slow ? It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds.

Regards Tyrone
My South Bend Nordic has always done that. It comes in handy when threading, cutting pass runs at the desired speed and when tool is backed out and the spindle reversed, it backs up quicker to start another threading pass.
on edit: The South Bend Nordic's were made in France.
The spindle accelerates in about 4 seconds for high rpm.
Both clutches click when engaged.
When i engage the clutch forward, i feel more resistance.
Not all Colchys have adjustable linkage !!!! so check to see the operating linkage is set up properly - not unknown for it to be adjusted wrongly when clutch troubles show