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Connecting my thunder bolt laser


Oct 10, 2022
I got my thunderbolt laser set up in my garage and I’ve been trying my best to follow the guide to connect it to light burn/my pc but I’m having trouble getting it to read on light burn. I was attempting WiFi but couldn’t get it to show despite dchp changes on my router.

I’m tempted to go buy a super long Ethernet cable just to see if that works. Gonna be pretty hard to get that laser inside my place.

Looking into a cheap laptop for the laser in the garage do y’all think that would make hooking it up easier?
Try asking your question on the Thunderlaser FB group:

For Facebook, it's a pretty decent group. If you bought it new from the US distributor you should be able to get a free 1-hr start-up session and you can also get excellent support through email from the US distributor.