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counterfit dial indicators being made?


Hot Rolled
Jun 23, 2017
Yeah, that good ol' Made in US Mitutoyo stuff is hard to come by, most of what you see is fakes.
I buy all my gauges when I visit Shanghai, there's a shop in Beijing Dong Lu that sells toolroom gear. You can buy Mahr if you like which is all genuine and priced accordingly or you can buy Shan. When I worked at Toyota the first Shan micrometers started to pop up at flea markets for 10 Rand versus 50 Rand for the Mitutoyo. One of the toolmakers asked if we could use them, QC said they would check them and if they passed then we could use them. They tested a full set and set accuracy wise they were as good as Mitutoyo, one difference was the thickness of the carbide pads which were substantially thinner on the Shan.

Regarding "made in", when I worked at GUD filters who made Fram, McDonald, Ryco and Mann+Hummel under licence we used to mark the Mann+Hummel "made in Germany". I may not have a great memory but I definitely went to work every morning in Durban, South Africa.