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Cylindrical pillow block bearing housings do not exist?


May 4, 2010
Cambridge, MA
I am trying to obtain a pillow block housing for a tapered roller bearing with a 62mm outer diameter. Normally, for a spherical bearing, this would be a type P206 housing. The outer race of a tapered roller bearing, however, is cylindrical, not spherical, so it will not go in to a P206 housing. I called a bearing supplier and they said that all pillow block housings are spherical (have a curved inside) and that cylindrical pillow block housings do not exist. He said we would have to machine a customized housing ourselves. Is this true?
I think everyone still does a non-self aligning pillow block bearing. (SKF P2BE 104-TRB-STHPillow block roller bearing unit)

Trying to find a housing to match a bearing that isn't designed for it is difficult though.
You're usually better off to just buy the complete unit, so parts are easier to get.