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Davis 15 Keyseater Wiring Diagram? Anyone have it?

Richard Rogers

Nov 27, 2001
Bentley, Louisiana
Can't find it anywhere, Davis Keyseater, model 15, serial 15-59

Someone has toyed with this thing's wires.

I'd like to find a wiring diagram. Maybe someone has it. Hansford Davis told me they don't supply it. Thanks in advance for anything useful.

Not much to wire it up. All the wiring is in the motor starter- pretty standard stuff. Only slight change is the jog versus run selector switch, and all it does is prevent the contactor from latching when the start button is pressed. There should be a wiring diagram inside the motor starter cover. If not, Google the motor starter and you should be able to find a wiring diagram.
Lots of utube videos on how motor starters work if you are not familiar with them.