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Deburr Brushes and running main spindle CNC lathe?


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May 21, 2005
Just got done setting up lathe for a job making brass fittings from 11/16 hex stock, after machine work there is a burr on the hex that I remove with a rotary brush mounted in live tooling.
If I try to start the main and live spindles at the same time on 2 different lines of code when the second line is read to start the live tooling the main spindle stops!!!
The only way I can get the main spindle and the brush to run at the same time is to slowly spin the main spindle in C mode while I brush it at 3500 RPM, this works good but slows the machine down going into and out of C mode every part. Any way to get both spindles running at the same time WITHOUT going into C mode?
Machine is a SMART NL2000BSY with Fanuc 0i control.
Hey, another Smart user! I ran into this recently on the same machine, and the only ways I'm aware of to bypass the control lockouts that prevent you from running more than one spindle at a time are via the main/sub sync commands and the polygon turning mode. Polygon turning can be annoying because it requires that you command a ratio of speeds between the live tool and active turning spindle, but it should be fine for this application.
The question has been brought up a few times and I can't recall anyone ever finding a simple solution.

The polygon turning solution is good if your machine can do it. Same if your machine can do hobbing or thread whirling.
My Smart rep actually suggested that one to me, since all of the live tooled Smart lathes include polygon turning as a standard option. It's pretty annoying that Fanuc otherwise prevents you from running multiple spindles at once without special M codes implemented by the MTB.