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Deckel 2038 universal table

Hard to imagine that your control would not have a provision to accurately display that table’s rotary position.
The 9000 line encoder is the standard for that table, ( earlier versions , FP3A, had 7500 lines) hard to believe Deckel did not have this worked out.

Seems a call to FPS or Frantz Singer is in order

Cheers Ross
I think maybe if I would be able to stack a 10x interpolater EXE card in the 03315 it would work. So that would be partnumer 03395 (now it has a 03390 5x) but the 10x card is double the size and theres no room for it.

There is a newer smd type card that might be backwards compatible that can do both 5 and 10x

But first have to find one that is affordable.

Here is one but the price tag is rather steep https://mia-automation.de/Siemens-S...15900100-570515900100-6FC3981-3HM01-gebraucht
Yes but if I was sure it would work I would maybe think different about the pricetag. Over 300 euro for a guess is a bit too much :) I managed to find one now for 160 shipped so fingers crossed it will work.
Yes, its like 0.5 1 2 5 10 20 but I would need 4 which is not a possibility


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The 5/10x card arrived, plugged it in and it worked straight away. The dip switches need both to be off to get the 10x interpolation