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Deckel D812


Cast Iron
Mar 16, 2013
Cerritos, CA
I have been offered a Deckel D-812 Grinder which he offered to me years ago and I remember not seeing a use for it.
I can't find much if anything about the D-812 - maybe I got the number wrong - but I'd like to know what it can be used for. I'll look at it tomorrow and I believe it has a set of collets.
D812 refers to probably the adres of Michael Deckel
D812 Wielheim i.OB it says on the nameplates
Not sure what that means but it does not refer to the model
Probably your machine is a SO or SOE

i think you might be referring to the company's (M. Deckel) address.... d-812 weilheim in oberbayern
Don't they add "D" and a hyphen in front of the ZIP code in case of international mail? Maybe that's an old outdated type of postal code. Might be an old grinder. "81" is the start of postal codes in Bavaria (Bayern), yes?
Yes, It does look like a postal code and it is an SO. I was looking at it under a bench with a flashlight.
Here are some photos:


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German ZIP codes used to be 4 digits, so I am surprised they only use 3 here. Looking at some search results it seems this was done on occasion when there was no danger of mix-ups. Anyway it is the ZIP code.
The "D" is to identify Germany. Even within Germany we were supposed to put the D in front of the ZIP code. I still do, but most people don't.