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Deckel FP2 Long vertical head horizontal milling set up question


Cast Iron
May 26, 2008
Long Beach, CA.
Hey guys. As I posted previously, my FP2 did not come with a vertical head. I found one in Germany( still working on getting it to SoCal. if you think you can help send me a PM)
I know that with the long head, you can slide it forward and use it as the overarm for horizontal milling instead of taking it off and putting on the horizontal overarm and overarm support. My question is when using the Long head, what is the overarm support set up? I have the overarm and overarm support piece for typicalhorizontal milling, but would I just use the over-arm support piece that it uses or would I need a different one for the Long vert head? I've seen these on eBay:
s-l1600 (3).jpg
and I wasn't sure if they were some sort of spacer for the long-reach head or for something else entirely and if they are for the long-reach head would you need a different support piece than the standard horizontal overarm uses? Seems like the distance from the dovetail to the center of the spindle would be the same for the overarm or long vert head so if you used this spacer piece you might need a shorter support piece.

Thanks in advance for answers.

Jeff in Long Beach
thanks again Peter.....I've been staring at pic's of the long reach head and the regular overarm support for a while and after reading your message I had a "well duh" moment and I understand now.

jeff in long beach.
That piece on your picture goes between the long reach head and the standard overarm support bearing
The sliding part of the long reach head is higher as the normal head
The mounting surface of the long reach head is also not a dovetail but rather a 90* step. That spacer is in effect an adapter that mounts to the straight slots of the long reach head and allows mounting of the standard over arm outboard bearing....
Cheers Ross
I came across this, I was making some cast iron lapping plates a few years ago, it shows the spacer in use on my FP2 long reach head:

The coolant here is a from an atomizer that makes a fine mist of what I think is basically vegetable or nut oil.