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Deckel FP2 oil zerk ?


May 5, 2007
bellingham wa
Ok here's the latest on my FP2. I sent the machine out to have the y rescraped in and a new gib made. They also adjusted the horizontal boring shaft as it was frozen as well as have a new bushing made for the floating gear in the spindle transmission. All of that is working well. Todays question is, what are these zerks feeding? I had found grease behind the sight glasses before sending it out so I pulled the old sight glasses and sent new ones to the repair guys and asked if they would clean out the old grease. Now the new sight glasses are in but the one on the operators side does not have oil in it and the top zerk on other side (non operators side) will not accept any oil or pressurized air. My guess is that there is still grease in the x.


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All those fittings get ISO 220 “ way” oil.
Should fill both sight glasses at the start of each days work. ( 2 fittings, non operators side)
Fitting on the operators side lubes the “Z “ elevating shaft.

If it won’t accept oil from a pressure gun then things need disassembly and cleaning.
Do a search , member “balen” has written about and photo documented the work you likely need to replicate.

After removing the grease, you might want to fit a “one shot” lubricator to feed oil at the “zerk” fitting points. ( 2 @ non operators side)
Will make keeping your machine properly lubed easier and more convenient.

Cheers Ross
Some shots of my setup of a one shot oiler, FP2......



Cheers Ross
Nice, I think I have an an older version of one of those, i'll dig it out and see if it still pumps. I noticed your Z ways are flaked and mine are not. should they be or perhaps my machine machine is a harden and ground?
My machine was reworked and the ways tuned up..Hence the scraping.
Think normally the box ways are plain, ground at the factory, scraping done top the inside of the mating slides....

Fitting of a one shot will need some sort of regulation of the feeds. The operators side will take lots more oil as it fills and feeds across all the "Z" slide....
On my setup i use Bijur feed checks on the lines...
A more positive valve on each would allow selective filling of the two oil reservoirs.

Cheers Ross
Dear Steelkestrel,

Do a search , member “ballen” has written about and photo documented the work you likely need to replicate.
Here you go, happy reading!