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Deckel fp3 nc


Jul 30, 2019
Hi, I bought a used fp3nc with Dialog 4 control. It was sold "as is". Got it working after changing some components on the power supply board in the control.It was working ok until recently when there was an issue with the control relay for the e-stop circuit.Now that seems to have been at least temporarely solved but instead there is an issue with the z-axis. When attempting to start the control the Z-axis has a V sign on the display.It also reads FP0 at the bottom.When trying to start the axis in manual mode, the x and y axis works perfect but trying to start the z-axis it trows an e-stop after a few tenth of a mm. What does the "V" represent, it not listed in the manual? I can`t find a new control relay ,can it be interchanged with a modern variant?
Excuse the odd english, I am a user from Sweden


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Wouldn't you prefer to just clean it? I used to have to do this on an HBM with a 120" X axis travel about once every few years. The scale was on the front of the table.i made shielding that completely covered the scale and encoder but it must have still got some coolant splash from up underneath.
Scale is a smaller section ( LS 903) that fits on that Deckel.
No longer avaliable from Heidenhain.
Modern scale will not fit in the space available without some mods to the machine.
Last time I checked Deckel had new old stock replacement scales. Cost several years back was $4000.00
Generally just cleaning will solve the fault you have.
Can send the scales to a Heidenhain service company and they will clean and service the scale. ( replace the seals if needed).
All work you can do yourself with little drama.

Cheers Ross
Don’t scratch the glass scale.
Lint free cloths and 99% isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning solution.
Remove the end caps and remove the read head.
There are postings on this board that go over all this.
Do a search , poster “balen”
Check the link provided by rklopp above.

Cheers Ross