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DECKEL FP5NC - Machine not Homing /Ref


May 2, 2020
Hello All.
I have a Deckel FP5 NC Machine.
It has been standing for about 3 months and now seems to not home x,y,z axis.
All axis move in jog modes and are unlocked after initial start up, but the home function seems to not initialise.
Has anyone out there had a similar issue with their Deckel FP5 and what was the fix for it?

Appreciate any input on this one.
Does it fail to home on all three axis, or just one?
When you select mode 3 and activate the “plus” direction keys (all 3 axis) does the button light up indicating its selected?
Then when the cycle start is pressed do all the slides move to the plus end of their travels?
Do the slides go to their limit switches?

Cheers Ross
Hello Ross. When I am in mode 3 and press + x, y ,z none of these buttons light up.
So when I then go to push green cycle start, there is no response at all.
None of the axis will home.
But if I select mode 6, I can jog each of the x,y or z axis
Also, If I jog slides in mode 6, they all stop at their limit switches correctly and show E. If you then jog in opposite direction, same applies until that axis hits limit switch on other end.
So that all looks good.
Looks like a logic fault.
Not sure what card controls the reference cycle....
Shut the main power off
Open the operators console.
Remove each logic card (one at a time) place the card face up on a piece of wood or other insulating material, and press down firmly on each IC on the card where they are in removable base holders. (don't bother with the ones directly soldered to the board)
Don't bother with the NZP boards (axis display cards slots 1-4)
Power up and retry to home. (If the button does not light when pressed don't bother)
Cheers Ross
Ok, will do that now. Have powered down and will work through the boards.
Looking at the cards 1-4, they are x,y,z & C axis boards.
card 5 is a NRP Board which may be the one.
there is a connector on the top that is in German, but translates to SETPOINT.
Will start with that one.
Ok, so started with card no 5 (NRP )
removed and went through pressing lightly on all IC's in holders.
Re-fitted card and powered up machine. No difference.
So will work through the next few doing the same.
This procedure is a long shot.
The IC’s can work loose in their sockets from thermal cycling.
Always worth a shot.
Do you know how to reload the E-proms ? That would be the 2and thing to try.

Cheers Ross
Hi Ross. When I push the +X, +Y, +Z
I do get a highlighted R next to each axis on the screen.
So that looks as though something is communicating. But nothing afterwards when I try to initialise with main Green button.

As far as E Proms, that is not something that I am familiar with.
Another Question. When you boot the machine up. Do all the axis usually stay locked until you home them?
Was thinking that they did, but not sure now.
When I boot up now, it seems as though the axis locks are not engaged.
So, as it is possible to jog in mode 6 without homing the axis first, would the machine function like that?
Most nc machines that I have worked on need to be homed to even get drives to function at all.
Maybe this will help, I never home my deckel. When it's powered up I move all the axes to see if everything is OK then I go directly to work by setting zero on the part and starting the program.

Locks are engaged only when you press the power off button or call it via a program. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Last update, Homing issue now resolved.
Seemed as though Cycle start button had a loose connection/ sticking.
Cleaned and now sorted.
Appreciate all the help from all of you that took the time to respond.
Ross, you in particular also had some great advice that pointed us in the right direction.
Also thanks to Michael who spent quite a few hours in the evenings to get to the bottom of the issue.
Congrats on figuring it out. Your panel looks low mileage and in good condition. Those pushbuttons are a PITA when they get balky, most especially the STOP button, and new replacements are NLA. Most machines are now old enough and used enough to have button problems. Here's what I did on mine, 8 years later it's still working. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/...switches-available.301094/page-3#post-2519480
If anyone has found good replacements, please post up the source.
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