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Deckel FVT2 dividing head nose dimensions?


Mar 4, 2020
Toronto, Canada
Hi all,

Does anyone have the actual dimensions of the deckel dividing head (FVT2 - the SK40 one) nose? Here's what I have - the stuff highlighted is kind of guessed and I would really appreciate some insight (please excuse the lousy drafting, it's friday evening and I am allowed to be lazy):


You know what, upon further thought maybe the .375 is not super important, as long as B > A (since the set screw has to be offset by a bit to draw the flange onto the spindle) :
on my FVT2 spindle I measured A as 0.381 or 10.07mm and B on a chuck as 10.45mm or 0.411". I measured using a centering microscope in the spindle and the DRO.

and yeah the dims appear to be in inches. Incredibly bizzare to me...


Just thought I'd ask here if anyone has the "official" dims before I have to do some more hokey measuring / guesswork...

Yes built to round “ inch” sizes ,how nice.
I am pretty sure I have a drawing, dig it out tomorrow.
Pretty sure I posted it here some while back, might do a search.
Cheers Ross
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Sorry, just looked, what i found is a drawing for the spiral milling attachment. Of course it’s different.
Can’t find the dividing head chuck adapter drawing, unfortunately.

Cheers Ross
Hi Ross,

Thanks for looking - I'm surprised that the spiral milling attachment has a different interface, they look the same at a glance...

my FP1 tool cabinet came with two chucks with the dividing head mount and I always assumed the second one was for the spiral milling attachment (which is one of the few things that I'm missing in my cabinet)
Mine as well....
Would have never imagined this, deckel guys seemed to have some fun from time to time....

Bruce had made a backplate years ago, I am sure he mentioned this but I can't recall

Bruce had made a backplate years ago, I am sure he mentioned this but I can't recall
I made a nosepiece adaptor for my Hermle Universal table, so that I can mount the Deckel Dividing Head accessories onto it. But I don't think I have drawing anywhere...
So I thought the mating interface for the dividing head was the 45° taper on the bottom of the spindle and that the set screws pull the chuck or whatever onto that taper but apparently this is not the case?


this is the self centering chuck on the dividing head and (maybe hard to see here) but the tapers do not touch.


so there's no centering effect here? we just have two close fitting bores... and the set screws pull the bottom face of the flange onto the top face of the dividing head spindle? and that's it??


anyways I guess I settled on 10.5mm from the back of the flange to the set screw hole. seems to work OK, but I'm just mounting a mag chuck so I doubt I'll notice any difference if I got this wrong...

Actually think you will find that the taper on the spindle is a separate part shrunk on. Any force on that taper and it will move.
The make up is the face of the spindle to the inside forward face of the adapter.
Set screws are placed so that they pull the adapter into the spindle via the tapered seats on the spindle nose.
( located somewhat further to the front of the adapter than the seats on the spindle nose)
The face makeup gives the adapter a planer relation to the spindle.
Cylindrical truth can be adjusted by selective tightening of the retaining screws.
Cheers Ross
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