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Deckel Grundig SW Levels (part 2: Embargo SW)

Martin P

Aug 12, 2004
Germany in the middle towards the left
As posted in part 1 the SW tables list an "Embargo" SW for every SW version Dialog 11/12.

In the configuration files for the D11/12 machine it says:

"Modul-Name :embargo.q32 00002 "Maschine :fÅr alle Maschinen in OstausfÅhrung "Maschinen Nr. :00003 "CNC Software Stand :00004 "SPS Software Stand :s.o. "Include Dateien :keine00005 "Modul-Funktion :In diesem Modul wird der CNC durch "Setzen einer K-Ram-Zelle mitgeteilt, da· die Maschine in ein "Embargo-Land geliefert wird und deshalb mit nur drei inter- "polierenden Achsen ausgerÅstet sein darf.
"InterpretereinschrÑnkung fÅr Embargo-Version

So red text in
"...for all machines in East Edition.....
"In this module it is communicated to the CNC through the setting of a K-RAM cell that it is delivered into an Embargo country and therefore is only allowed to be equipped with three interpolating axis.
"interpreter limitation for embargo version.

So there must be many good links on this subject. I stumbled across this one:

As expected such embargoes have grey areas. In the case of the Deckel machines they probably complied with the legal requirements. But how hard can it be to change the SW on the machine? In this case probably a single Eprom or KRAM?

Curiously my Weiler CNC from 1987, which was originally delivered to Switzerland, also has the Sinumerik control designated as the "Export" version. I have not figured out what that means in this case.

For further viewing on this subject I would recommend the subject "ASML".
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I remember watching a program on a nuclear project in Myanmar where they showed some pictures of the machines being used. Deckel 5 axis. There was a plate on the rear of the Deckel that I ran listing companies that it was not to be exported to and from memory Myanmar was listed. Just found a link to a news article.