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Deckel S0/62 Cutter Grinder - Project


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Apr 6, 2005
Deckel S0/62 single lip cutter grinder project for sale. I bought this to restore, but I am not going to get to it anytime soon. I will do the best I can to describe the condition. All of the slides, locks, and motions operate, there is rust present, but I did take an hour or so to lube it and check these things out. The motor has a two belt pulley, and runs, both speeds work, but it will need bearings. The belt guard looks to be shop made. The grinding spindle turns free and smooth, there is no belt so I could not try the spindle at speed. I attached a manual that I found online that describes the spindle service and how to use the machine. If you have questions, or want to see something specific that isnt in the pics please let me know.

The grinder is 80lb as it sits, shipping weight will be a little more. I would welcome someone to come pick it up, but will also ship it from 22801 (Harrisonburg, VA)

$550 + shipping cost OBO


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The only markings on the collet are "FW 4 Germany" The collet in the machine is a 5/16", I sent a web site I found in PM that can supply them. Maybe someone else can fill us in on the type.
What type of collets does this machine use? Thanks, Karl
They use S0 c0llets. The older original Deckel ones are 1.66mm pitch buttress thread, the newer type and the ones you get from the likes of Vertex are 2mm pitch same threadform. The only thing you require is the appropriate nut which are not difficult to make.