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Deckels in the US


Cast Iron
Jan 3, 2013
Erie, CO
Looking at the Euro-Registry made me wonder how many Deckels there are in the United States. They were commercially sold her for a bit, but I wonder if more made it to US shores from being imported by individual's.
Deckels were imported. Most models of the manual machines were built with either metric or inch screws and micrometer dials.
Some machines came here brought in by Euro based companies with US divisions.
Not imported in huge numbers as the machines were relatively expensive.
There were US agents ( Cosa) here and they had a presence for years.
There were others (Ferostsll ?)up to the merger. In short think there was no issue buying a Deckel here (US) from the early 60’s on, you just had to pay the cost.

Cheers Ross