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Desktop Metal Shop System (New in Box) for sale.


Feb 6, 2024
I know - my first post and I'm trying to sell something. lol. please be kind. I was originally looking to see if there were some 3D printing forums to post on, but I saw a request for business ideas (kccmelty) and one for a good mid-grade 3D printer (604pook), so I thought I'd post here anyway. And people in this line of work (machining) know plenty of other people in the metal working space.

Anyway, I have a Desktop Metal Shop system - 2 printers (12L build box), powder station, drying oven, and sintering furnace that are new in the box having never been used. They are from mid 2021. The project I had aligned for them has fallen apart. New this is $600k in equipment and I'm looking for half that amount.

Thanks in advance for any interest/help/guidance. Right now, I'm getting tired of the crates sitting on my shop floor.