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Di Palo mill: anyone heard of them?

Alpacca Fortyfive

Nov 16, 2007
Leinster, Ireland
I visited a dealer in England who had a Di Palo, Deckel fp2 sized mill but with a very nice quill feed vertical head and a nod and tilt none quill vertical head , also the usual fixed and tilt and swivel tables.

The castings said "Di Palo & c, Torino" (Turin, Italy) I'd never heard of them before, but it looks like a very well made deckel type mill. I'll try to get some photos of it up. Tony's Lathes.co.uk site doesn't have anything on them.

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Need pix m'man...never heard of that one either. Only other Italian Deckel type mill I can think of is the Ferrarri. (and I'm not even sure that one is Italian but just assuming so from the name !)
Pics there is

OK, first the machine i've seen.






This is a simillar one I found by googling which has a Deckel type layout, the fixed table and (an earlier looking rounded) nod and tilt head fitted


and just to make things weird, here is another with the Deckel style top and the quill feed head but a conventional knee! trying to be all things to all people?


Is that a universal saddle on the knee mill version as well?

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Never seen one. I agee that it looks very deckelish..... the vert head has a bit of Stinel influence.

Are you going to take it home??

What is the bore on the spindle? ( looks like a 40 taper)

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Spindles are 40 int taper.

Googling "fresatrice di palo" gets more hits than "di Palo Milling machine", so it seems they are more plentiful on their home ground in Italy. There are also pictures of an earlier looking Deckel FP1 sized mill (fresatrice) with a slotting head on it and a couple of models of lathes (Torni) made by Di Palo too


I'd love to take her home to make lots of ....:smoking:

There are some interesting accessories with it, like the nod and tilt head, the dividing head with overarm and tailstock, fixed and tilt and swivel table and a big rotary table.

It is a bit of a squeeze between other machines to get in to check it over, but from what I could see, there was very little wear on the original scraping (and I mean scraping not flaking).

Things are uncertain job wise at the moment for me spending so much on a hobby (although the dealer is asking less for the whole lot than I've seen second hand Myford S7s go for!)

- that and SWMBO is never sympathetic to mechanical things :willy_nilly: even Italian ones.

although the Di Palo is smaller, there is a less expensive Deckel FP33 a lot nearer to home!

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Di Palo FP1 type too

An interesting & nice looking machine, did a little internet searching this afternoon & found the following.

This one clearly marked as a DPF2 with interchangable table as the machine posted by Alpacca

This one was listed on several Italian machinery dealers as a DPF2 yet it has become a knee mill. It does look as though the main casting is very similar so perhaps there were two versions of DPF2 :confused:

The Di Palo DPR101 appears to be very much a Deckel FP1 clone, all these machines were listed as having MT4 spindle tapers


Thanks for posting those pics.

I'd only seen the one shot of a DP F 101, it does look very Deckel FP1 ish in your shots.

I don't have a Deckel to compare with, could anyone who has comment? I know there are
  • a lot of Deckel like mills, and,
  • Alexander made (near) clones of Deckels.
I wonder which group these Di Palo mills fall into?

From what I remember of the intechangeable table DP F2 I saw, the knee mill looks like exactly the same column, with the same square narrow guide layout on the verical way, just fitted with a conventional knee.


Update, looks like the DP F2 has slightly different travel lengths to the deckel and the guide ways on the column look different too (The DP had a single male narrow guide, rather than the two on a deckel FP2), so probably a "deckel like mill" rather than an actual clone.

Update 2
The ways on the top of the knee mill's knee actually look v simillar to those on the column, I wonder if the saddles were the same between the versions?
Thread resurrection!
I made a little deal with a gent in Cuneo (Piedmont, Italy) today - no, not the pictured machine but he has one of these Di Palo. The machine hasn't travelled much really having been made in Turin.
These are the pics he sent me. Lovely looking and greatly cared for I'd say.


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