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Digimatic micrometer head for lathe


Apr 17, 2016
I am looking to make a lathe cross slide for very small work. Max diameter 10mm on steel and 25mm on brass.
Max movement in the cross slide will be 30mm. I plan to use small linear rails. I was thinking instead of a lead screw I could use a digimatic micrometer like the one in this link https://shop.mitutoyo.eu/web/mitutoyo/en/mitutoyo/$catalogue/mitutoyoData/PR/164-164/index.xhtml.
My question is would the micrometer hold up to the forces of turning on a schaublin 70
For a while. What type and size (acme, ballscrew, ?) lead screw is in the lathe now? What kind of bearings (radial, angular contact) ? I doubt the micrometer thread is any where near as robust as what is there, so I would suggest leaving the cross slide as is and adding a DRO to achieve what you are looking for.
The cross slide on the lathe has some uneven wear, I would have to send it to Switzerland or Germany to get it repaired.
I use the lathe for making watch parts when I’m turning down past 1mm I can see the effects of the slide moving in and out.
I was going to make a new slide with linear bearings for very small work and use the current one for rough or larger work.
This is the load limits for stantard Mits micrometers. I didn't see the digimatic limits with a quick search.

I don't think this is a good application.


Also consider that these are only designed to push. The typical setup has a slide lightly spring loaded against the head.

25mm brass isn't small. Accidently using a positive rake tool will destroy the mic head. If you were talking 1mm parts, it might work, but there are still better options.