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Dimensions for a horizontal arbor FUS-22 (Deckel FP2 clone)


Aug 20, 2006
New Zealand
My Deckel clone FUS22 came without a horizontal arbor. This question is inspired by a similar question about an actual Deckel mill. Rather than hijack that thread, I am posting a separate question for a non-Deckel arbor.

There is absolutely no danger of sourcing anything locally. The cost of shipping an imported arbor for this machine (if I could find one) from another country makes that option too expensive. I can get PH4140 to make one and that is really the only practical option.

I have a modest collection of 25mm bore cutters, so that sets the arbor diameter.
I have a drawing from the manual (attached) from which I can estimate a couple of key dimensions.
I don't know if this is the same as an actual Deckel arbor.

Does anyone have an actual FUS22 arbor that they measure? It would be useful to know the:
  • overall length,
  • width of the clamping nut,
  • width of threaded section of the arbor,
  • maximum width of cutters/spacers,
  • minimum width of cutters/spacers,
The tapered section is standard. It is the arbor end that I am unsure of.


  • FUS22 Horzontal Arbor from Manual.jpg
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