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DMG Mori MAPPSV Network Setup


Mar 4, 2024
Hey Guys,

We have two DMG Mori's NHX4000 both running MAPPSV one has Mitsubishi and the other has FANUC. I'm tasked with getting both of these machines on the network and communicating with FactoryWiz a Monitoring software that is able to send and receive programs to and from the machine via a DNC Server. On the machine with the Mitsubishi I was able to find a CN6 Port on a panel and I was able to get it online and I'm able to ping it. I'll come back to this one in a bit. On the Machine with FANUC I could not find the CN6 port anywhere DMG Mori said it was the two hubs at the lower left "any port on the hub will work". I connected to both hubs and tried all ports and I configured the controller the same but I could not get it online and I could not ping it. So I decided to focus on the Mitsubishi that is online and I am able to Ping it. When talking to the service tech from FactoryWiz he said we need to activate MTConnect to be able to connect the Machine to the DNC Server. I contacted DMG Mori they stated "Its all connected and the machines being newer don't need it turned on". That's currently where I'm at on the Mitsubishi its online but cant get it to communicate with the DNC Server. The FANUC I cant find the CN6 port anywhere and the two hubs don't work to get the machine online. Any one have thoughts on what I'm missing DMG Mori support isn't the best At this point I'm willing to try anything. I've already set up 7 machines with FANUC controllers, 8 Machines with HAAS NG controller, and 6 Machines with HAAS Classic controller using a MOXA connected with RS232 to machine. These two the only ones holding up this project.