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DMU 50 T 1998 dnc problems


Jan 4, 2022
i recently bought a DMU 50 T from 1998, it is my fisrt cnc machine so i don't know a lot about them. it has a heidenhain MillPlus M v340 control on it.
i got it started a month ago or so. at first i had problems changing the language of the control from german to italian at MC N.5 values are from 0-9 each language has a number. italian was 4 and german was 0. did the procedure to change it to 4 and after the control did the re-boot it was still in german... i tried several times with 0 luck.. so i decided to look into the machine HDD end found all the lanugage files.. tryed to switch german and italian files and after it started it was all in italian. i don't think this should be the way to change language.. what could be that makes the control not load a language even if machine constant says to do it?. after this i called a technician to get the machine checked.. they told me a lot of stuff on how to properly use it etc etc. now i'm facing another problem.. did a test with a simple program to try the machine for the first time. the machine has installed in the electrical cabinet a moxa port converter from rs-232 to ethernet. downloaded cds lite on the pc, got the ethernet cable connected and the port on pc set, i went to load a program and it keeps giving me error: D84 : DNC max. waiting time exceeded. if i set the machine on receive and don't send anything from the pc the machine does't alarm. after i connect CDS lite from pc, i get a message on the machine that a pc is connected to the cnc. when i hit send from the pc the machine goes in error and stop the file transfer.. i tried many different setting in the MC related to the DNC wich are MC 931 - 936 and various settings from the pc.. i really need the machine to start working.. i'm almost at the point of giving up.. what could be to cause this problem with the DNC transfer? is it possible to load programes with different methond? after this i copied by hand the program made with the CAM software and it worked perfectly.. just need to figure out how to properly get it to load programs from pc.. the technician didn't know what to do about this and what could this be caused by.. hope someone here have a solution.
just seems impossible to solve problems on this machine..


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Oct 7, 2006
Petaluma CA 94952
I have a DMU50V with Millplus. I’m using a moxa ethernet to RS-232 converter. I am using the free moxa software. It works perfectly. You can get the maximum port speed of 56K with it. I have a post here that describes the install process and the correct settings for a millplus