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Do your Albrecht keyless chucks fully close?


Nov 22, 2015
San Francisco
I have 5 Albrecht chucks, one little guy, one 3/8" max, and three 1/2" max. The smaller two close completely, but the three 1/2" ones all stop before fully closed. All of these were bought used, but I've removed the hoods, cleaned out any chips, and they still look like this after reassembly. They're all reasonably smooth to turn. Is this design intent?

Here is a picture of the 3/8" one:
IMG_3729 (Small).jpg
Now here are the three 1/2" ones:
IMG_3730 (Small).jpg

IMG_3731 (Small).jpg

IMG_3732 (Small).jpg
I have not had one of my Albrechts apart in at least ten years, so I am a little fuzzy about the innards and what would keep the jaws from closing completely. But I can say that the 130 size chucks are stamped 1/32-1/2" and the 100 size chucks are stamped 0-3/8". I think the main difference between "0" and "1/32" is in the width of the flats on the inside of the jaws. I think the angled surfaces of the jaws should touch when closed. I looked at some of my 130 Albrechts and yes, the ones that show obvious use tend not to close all the way. I have a number of new to like new 130s that do close all the way or nearly so. So the difference may be dirt, wear or bending somewhere.

In the picture of five chucks, the lower right chuck is the one that is new in the box above it.



The larger one do not close down to less that around .040.

I have a very small one (.125 max) that will grip a .004 drill. that's the smallest I know of.
I would guess the jaws are made that way so there is a bit more than a knife edge jaw to bite and hold onto the larger drill shanks.
That’s what threw me off. On old keyed chucks I’ve used the three jaws touch each other, but are rounded in the center, much like on a lathe chuck. These are still relatively sharp in the center, but don’t touch between the jaws. I wonder if the keyless chucks need to bite a bit differently? From others here it sounds normal for these.
At least on my 1/2 Albrecht, any "vibration" from hole saws or S&D bits rattling a bit causes the jaws to tighten considerably
If they were "sharp" they would literally cut into the drill shanks.
I'm unsure of what Albrecht has for instructions today Mw, but in mine from about 20 years ago, there pretty specific about not using any cutting tool with a larger diameter than the chucks maximum opening range. That built in self tightening feature will as you've found excessively tighten the chuck. The internals aren't designed for that amount of load and permanent damage or even total lock up to where you can't get it open can be the result. There's even older posts here where others have warned of the same after finding out the hard way it's not a great idea. There a fantastic chuck but still have that limitation. For anything larger in my mill, I just use an ER collet to drive the tool.
I will admit I use it way beyond its capacity........Its got to be over 30 years old.
Took it apart once to clean it in all those years.
Still smooth and still true so must have got a good one.......:D