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Donau Radial Drill Press DR13... literature or information?


Nov 23, 2008
Chicago, IL
We have a beautifully stout Donau radial drill press which has seen better days. I've managed to loosen the spring-loaded, motor shaft mounted Reeves drive sheaves. The front split sheaves attached to the spindle are actuated by a cam attached to a lever on the front of the head. One question, though, is if there is meant to be a spring holding the sheaves open which then compresses under the action of the cam? The cam pushes down on a ball bearing on top of the top sheave assembly. Is the belt tension all that keeps the pulley halves separated?

Next question is electrical. It is a flat out mess. This is a two speed motor. The original design included a switch depth stop. Feed into the work on low speed, once the depth stop is reached, it switches the motor into high speed. This was optional. The user could select straight low or high speed too.

In addition, the heavy, lead screw driven vertical column is motor driven. That motor is burned out?? I'm not worried about getting the motor functioning, but the operating switches. There are some non-sensical rewiring and an added switch box to the original machine. Any schematics would help in sorting it out.

It is a beautiful and capable machine--just showing 'shade-tree-fixes' in abundance. Any information is very much appreciated.

Thank you.