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Doosan 220 lynx , loosing my mind


Nov 16, 2023
got a Doosan 220 lathe here at work that I'm trying to get running. it's been sitting for a few years and had the battery's died while it sat. I had to reset the parameters to reset the x and z axis because it settled and lost its home while it sat, once I was done with that I thought my problems were over but now I'm realizing I was wrong... now after setting the z axis in g54 it seems to not know where to go. I set g54 by selecting tool T0101 and brought it to the stock, then entered Z0 measure on the control- is there something I'm missing?? when I go into the MDI screen I enter:
when I enter this (or any other program) the tool moves towards the tailstock (wrong direction) then over travels and alarms out. I've never had this much trouble trying to set up a machine and I don't know if its something I'm missing or if the dead battery's had a different affect then what we thought. thank you guys for any advise you have