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Doosan 700ly II turning with live tooling


Oct 26, 2023
So I have 122in sections of pipe that I need to thread on each end and they want to to use the Doosan that we have. I know I can run the pipe in through the backside of the chuck. The issue I'm running into is turning the major dia. and facing it to length. I'm trying to use live tooling while turning the pipe at a low rpm so it's not wanting to whip all over and possibly hurt someone. What I can figure out is how to run the live tooling while turning. Does anyone have any ideas?
Yes you can. I just walked out to our 2017 Lynx 220LSY and it worked.

G97 S500 M3 P11;
G97 S500 M3 P12;
G4 X5.;

Thats the code I used, turn main on, turn live on, dwell for 5 sec, end program. I did put M206 (spindle sync cancel) in MDI before I tried this program, and am unsure if it is modal or not, but if it alarms out, try putting M206 between the two spindle commands.
I'd be interested in a follow up post, what are you doing and how you got there and how it turned out. I'd be interested in how both spindles rotating effect feed rate when in IPR.