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Doosan Lynx 220 LM M35 Not Working--Help Needed


Hot Rolled
Jan 3, 2011
Ok, so Saturday morning and have a problem on Doosan Lynx 220LM. When control gets to M35 to activate C axis nothing happens. The green cycle start light stays lit and machine just sits there. It is not a new program at all, rather a program we run once a month all year long. Also in jog mode I cannot rotate the C axis with the handwheel. I have a FIN at the bottom of the screen which means it is not finishing the M35. Any ideas? Thanks!
Sorry I don't remember
Is nice to come ask solutiln for a problem and after you got the solution you don t offer any feedback to the others . I m struggling with the same simptoms on a doosan lm4100 … c axis don t answer . No error … m35 just green …