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Drill press recommendation


Jul 23, 2009
Midwest usa
We currently only have drill presses that have tables that crank up and down and the tables are no longer square to the head even when the locks are tightened. I would like to get a new (or used) drill press with a solid table. I have used Clausing drill presses of this type in the past are there any other brands that anyone would suggest? The guys here don't really want a radial arm press but that was another thought.
I have a nice medium duty arboga. Very good machine. But have no clue where you are located.

If the site owner wanders along and sees your location as just USA he may ban you
Wood-working? Metal-working?

Ferrous or non-ferrous?

Range of hole diameters?

Size of typical workpieces?

What quality of the current drill press? Have you considered rebuilding what you have, or is it a disposable unit?

Replacement tables can be found on ebay, but that route depends on the column condition.

It might be possible to have the table column bore cleaned-up/bushed.

An old drill press might present the same problem, and a thousand bucks will buy a new table, a table rebuild, but not much in a new drill press.
If the site owner wanders along and sees your location as just USA he may ban you
matt, please go into your edit function ASAP and add your state..or at min, your general location... like "Northeast, USA". Just "USA" is not good enough.

As to drill presses you need to be more specific as to max weight, max spindle and max price. You could get a heavy duty old Allen for instance that would make your Clausings seem like playtoys....and for cheap too. But maybe you don't want that heavy, but just want better quality and are willing to spend over $1,500...in which case Arboga, Solberga or Alzmetall might be more to your liking.

Also, just to say "Clausing" is almost meaningless as well since a 20 inch Clausing is a whole different animal from a 15 inch.
The guys who don't want a radial drill have never used one. Mess with a good one and you'll never want to use a typical floor model belt drive drill press ever again.
I changed my location, thanks for the heads up on that. why would a person be ejectedof the forum for such a minor thing? Anyways We drill ferrous and non-ferrous, 90% of the time drill diameters are under 1/2" but we CB for screws in tool steel and die sets, a large die for us would be 20" X 20", and I thought of rebuilding one of our currant press but they are all over twenty years old so we would just assume buy a new drill press anyway. My previous shop had a medium sized Johansson and a large Cincinnati radial arm drill press, they were convenient for the users but even the larger of the two still would flex when using the power feed at a hole location far away from the column. And as for the Clausing presses that we used to use they were a 20" swing. I hope this clarifies my original post, sorry for the vagueness.
If you were getting arm flex in a Cincy with the size drills you are describing, somebody was not working within reasonable feed rates or the machine was totally worn out or malfunctioning . A 1/2" drill at 500-600rpm and .008"/rev feed should present almost no load at all to the arm of a big radial, much less induce flex. You'd get more flex out of teh table suppot and column hand feeding on a Clausing than that radial drill with power feed engaged. Never used a Johanssen, so I can't speak for that.

If you want a machine that makes a hole STRAIGHT and PRECISELY where it should be, you need to scrounge up an old jig bore. They are usually VERY cheap now and that's what they are made to do, precision, straight hole location.