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Drilling holes without shift

Think of how they build bridges or ships. Do you think they have fancy CNC'ed jigs? Pfah.
Car reamer/Bridge reamer
A summer as a helper in the Nashville Bridge Plant in Bessmer, AL is the reason I finished college; anything to not end up back there.

As one end of a two-man reamer, up on a scaffold, two bridge sections were joined together, tongue and groove. The holes had been left purposely undersize. We'd pin the sections with drifts, then ream all the holes through three plates to alignment. The riveting crew would come behind riveting them together. Pull the drifts, ream those holes and good to go.

You haven't worked until it's more than 100-degrees, the humidity is near 100-percent and there's a riveting forge at your elbow.

jack vines
Sell it and buy one with 24mm holes on it. Sorry, not much help, but I don’t see any other viable option to succeed. Worst case, you spend lots of money and effort on special drills etc and end up scrapping the table.
You can buy annular carbide tooth cutters cheap on E-Bay. They have a centering pin.The STEEL DRAGON brand is excellent quality Since it is a through hole then all you need is a push through bushing with a hole the size of the center pin. You could make it long enough to grab it from the bottom and remove it before you drill. Or make a few sacrificial bushings out of plastic or any thing for that matter and let the cutter push it through.