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DRO Issue With Coordinates


Apr 21, 2017
South Dakota
I put a Sinpo II-3M DRO (eBay cheap O some time ago) on my MSC mill. While it is a China one it does work fine and supports bolt hole patterns, linear drilling, etc., except for the Y coordinate.

I believe the "normal" direction for Y is from operator inward toward machine and is Positive, and the instruction book that came with it supports this theory. However, the DRO ends up reading Negative. That is, a 30 degree +angle should move in the 1st X, Y, quadrant, but in fact moves into the 4th quadrant. Thus, I have to remember two negatives are positive - - my mind gets stressed a lot.

I am looking for a solution for changing the Y axis inward movement to Positive. If anyone knows how let me know: I am thinking it is impossible so far.