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Easy To Use FTP Software That Does Not Strip Bracketed Program File Name Data

Dec 21, 2016
Trying to get a little of our program handling into the 21st century. We have all Fanuc controls. Going to leave the old stuff on RS232 but all of our 0iD & 0iF machines are connected by ethernet. I am using the FANUC Program. The problem is when returning the file to the PC it strips away the bracketed descriptive text. Then there are 2 files with the same number in the PC folder, one without the descriptive text. Which means some fiddly copy, delete, rename procedure that can result in accidental deletion of the wrong file etc etc.

I am looking for some simple FTP software for handling our programs via ethernet cable. Tried Filezilla but there is a bug we cant seem to get around, admin window opens but the server window will not open, it crashes immediately. Searched the web for solutions but so far none have worked. So I switched to Fanuc FPTT. The FPTT software was super easy to set up & use but, of course, there is a catch.

Program I started with on the PC was O0040(MANDREL SHAFT).

O0040(MANDREL SHAFT) was downloaded from the PC to the machine. Where the name was separated in the lower PTT window into the program number in the left column & the bracketed text in the comments column. This was still OK as in the machine program directory the descriptive text was still there.

Then the file was uploaded via FPTT back to the folder it came from, the bracketed text was stripped from the filename and the program file appears as the second file O0040 without bracketed text. So both files O0040(MANDREL SHAFT) & O0040 are in the folder. No overwrite option and it doesn't matter if the originating file is still in the PC folder or not. Our old DCC-Plus RS232 software puts files back just the way it downloaded them. We have thousands of files with relevant descriptions in the filename, we need to keep that capability going.

It appears the FPTT displays the filenames on the PC side identically to how they appear in Windows Explorer. Although in a different listing order (which doesn't hurt anything).

Fanuc is looking at the problem. The FPTT software was super easy to set up & otherwise use.

Is there any other CNC oriented (or not?) FTP software that will keep the bracketed info with the filename in both directions? TIA!!
Is there any other CNC oriented (or not?) FTP software that will keep the bracketed info with the filename in both directions? TIA!!
Try it from a command line first. All this software these days that "helps" you by hiding extensions, fixing your spelling, adding or deleting extended attributes .... it's shit if you just want to send and receive files.

If you have unix and motif, I like axyftp but that seems unlikely :)

However, now that I think of it - if you have a loonix box handy, that'd be good for testing as well. Just a plain-jane ftp client, none of this "advanced" crap.

p.s. Those may be forbidden characters, actually, it's been so lng that I've forgotten - as have most other people. But there were some control characters that you're not supposed to use. Doesn't seem likely but something to be aware of.
I use TYPSoft FTP Server for ethernet connected machines that require FTP and it works great, however, I never send programs back to the server so I can't guarantee that it will cure your problem...
Whenever you upload a file to a machine tool, the machine tool control parses the file into a format the machine uses. Therefore, after you make your edits and send the file back, it will never be exactly the same as the way it was sent via CAM.
Could you solve the problem?.
I’m using the COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE FOR FANUC CNC application for the same purpose, and it works very well.
If you want to try it, you can download it from the SOFTPEDIA web page.