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EC-400 Tool Changing


Oct 5, 2021
We have a EC-400 (bought new in 2015) and we're having an issue with changing tools. The tools get stuck in the spindle and the tool changing arm can't pull out the tool. We've tried cleaning each tool holder and still have had the issue. There is no consistency on when it happens, different tools, tool locations, & times. We contacted Haas and they are not certain on what the issue is.

We replaced the spindle within the last year or 2. We use through-spindle coolant with Trim Sol coolant. We thought it might be the compressed air that we were supplying the machine with in the evening (we turn off our plant air compressor and turn on a dedicated reciprocating air compressor to run the machine in the evening), but it has happening during the day as well.

Any tips on where to start looking?



Oct 6, 2012
Orange county, CA
the alarms it should generate are usually helpful, especially if you read the help text. Which alarm is it throwing when the tool gets stuck?


Hot Rolled
Jan 11, 2015
Bay Area, CA
If you are using thru-spindle coolant frequently, you need to grease the drawbar coupler regularly.

Put a generous amount of grease on a tool holder's stud, insert into spindle and run a few k rpm a few seconds to spread out the grease a bit. Should be better after that.