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EcoMill 1100v with an SV0436 alarm...

Nov 15, 2023

Been running the spindle at 12k for a week now and running it overnight. Well, this morning I came in to a red light and the SV0436 Alarm. Reset, nothing. Power down and restart. Alarm seems to have gone away. Turn the spindle on and it seems to be fine. Should I be worried?

Thanks in advance!
Yup. It's a servo amplifier alarm.

Did your toolpath have a lot of direction changes in Y?
Yeah, I would imagine so. There's 2.9 million lines of code in this program I'm running. Haha! Spindle is running at 12k for about 30 hours per cycle. I was wondering if the Y axis servo is above the spindle on these so I added a Y to my Loc-Line coolant line and am dumping coolant on the bottom of the spindle to see if that keeps it cooler. (See pic)

We shall see.


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Update! 53 hour cycle time, mostly at 12k, with the Y in the coolant line I haven't had that alarm come back!

Simple solution. 😂