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Eidt 9000 on 18-M


Jan 21, 2016
I have a machine with a 18-M control and I want to edit the 9000 programs. On the setting page in parameters it doesn't have 3202 or 3210/3211. How do you enable edits for the 8000/9000 programs?
I think the issue is you're looking at parameters under the "settings page", same place you changed the parameter write enable from 0 to 1.

After you change parameter enable (PWE), hit the system hard key (under the hard POS [POSITION] key), and page down / search for 3202
In case anyone comes Searching for a quick answer.
Fanuc 18M - Parameter 3202

3202.0 NE8 -Editing program numbers 8000-8999
0: Not Inhibited
1: Inhibited

3202.4 NE9 -Editing program numbers 9000-9999
0: Not Inhibited
1: Inhibited

Note that when they are inhibited:
You can't Display or Edit them
You can't Search them
You can't Punch them (Even if using Punch-All Syntax)
You can't Delete them. (Even if using Delete-All Syntax)

3202.6 PSR -Search for the Program Number of a Protected Program
0: Disabled
1: Enabled