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Electric Forklift


Aug 10, 2006
New York
I am trying to move an electric 36v forklift out of a warehouse, but the problem is there is no battery in the forlikft. It still runs. Can I hook up 3 12v batteries in series and move the forklift that way temporary or is there a better suggestion?

Thanks in advance!
That will work, we had a battery pack made up of deep cycle batteries we put on the forks which had a knob to adjust to 12-24-36 and 48 volts and always kept it charged for just such a deal.
Thank-you all for the prompt reply. Question for "bigais" :
1) What was the battery CCA rating that was used?

2) You mentioned "knob to adjust to 12-24-36 and 48 volts" does that mean the forklift had the option to run on 12V minimum and 48v maximun? Curious which forklift was this?

Thanks again!
Fluke, I don't recall what the cca was. The knob actually connected the different taps to get the corect voltage for the truck we were moving at the time. be it a 12v or 24 or whatever. The only common voltage trucks I am aware of were old yales that could run on either 30, 32 or 36 volt, but were resistor control. The battery cart I was referring to was made to use in our forklift shop using 4-12v batteries and was used to move new trucks off common carriers when they arrived from the factory.It has been in use for at least 25 years.
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Yes you can do this. I do this on all my electric lifts that I have but, for a forklift the weight of the original battery is needed to obtain the lifting capacity of the forklift. Otherwise you might tip over.