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Emco concept turn 155 double z offset problem sinumerik


Apr 29, 2024
Bosanska Krupa
  1. Working on a old Emco concept turn 155, having problem with tools z compensation and offset, when I program tool to go x25 and z0, tool offset for x is good and goes exactly on programmed x0, but when I program z0 it goes exactly the offset value in front of part(positive z), in this case 29.3, if offset z value for roughing tool, my proggram looks like this
  2. g53 g90
  3. g7 s200
  4. t2 d1 m4 s200
  5. g54
  6. g0 z5
  7. g0 x25
  8. g0 z0(value on command monitor is 0 but actual machine value is 29.3 in front of part, exactly the amount of tool offset)
  9. g1 x0 f0.1
  10. g0 z5
  11. m30
  12. Also im having problems with displaying my g54 or other workpiece zero point when in jog mode or mdi, how do i keep having it activated. Thank you guys in advance. I think it's sinumerik 810d but im not sure.

I do realize this is an old post and that's not the actual program, but that snippet of code made me wonder.

3. Why use G53 before G54?
4. G7 S200? should that be G17 (working plane X/Y) or obscure grinding command?
5. Don't know about Emcos but every single Sinumerik machine I've been on needs either L6 or M6 for tool change, so if the machine needs it, (even if that particular program only uses one tool) it's best practice to include it "so the other guy won't crash on a different tool/next program w/o it"
7. 8. Why the single axis approach?
10. 14. Here is the reason for this rambling:
Did you measure the Z offset with G54 and D1 active? Some machines use D0 as default for some weird reason.

On live/rotary tools (that are perpendicular to chuck), the X offset in Parameters page should be near zero since X0 (w/o offset) is obviously in the center, if it's something like +-300, it's a turret changer with shoddy work from the machine builder that simply would not bother to compensate it automatically.

(In 840D it's MDA not MDI) you will have to input tool# D# and work piece offset before measuring tools in this mode.
Everything you do in MDA should carry onto JOG mode if you do not reset, just use single block / M0.

BTW Why did you want to change the tools Z offset/wear in the first place since it was clearly already correct?