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ES-L10 Lathe W/OSP-U10L USB upgrade


Sep 24, 2007
Charleston, SC
I purchased the USB upgrade kit from Okuma and got rid of the old floppy. I couldn't figure out how to get programs on the thumb drive and into the control. It took days of reading and troubleshooting and I saw every data error code the lathe has. Finally figured it out and wanted to pass on what worked. The USB stick emulated 1.44mb floppy drives so it is broken down into hundreds of 1.44mb partitions. It's not one big memory stick. The USB stick that came with the upgrade kit has an OSP/MS-DOS transfer program on it. Transfer the contents of that thumbdrive to your computer. Open the OSP program and plug the thumbdrive into your computer. In the software, open the USB drive and it will show you all the 1.44mb partitions. You can choose if you want those partitions formatted in OSP or MS-DOS. I made drive 00 a DOS partition and 01 as OSP. Now you need to format that 00 and 01 partition from the lathe control. The OSP program doesn't format the partition or I couldn't figure out how to do it. Put the USB stick into the lathe control. There is an easy procedure for formatting a floppy disk in the manual. If you are formatting disk 00, you need to choose the number 00 on the side of the USB drive. Hit 00 or 01 and enter. The number will change. If 00 is DOS, it will only take a DOS format and if 01 is OSP, it will only allow you to do an OSP format. You'll get errors if these are mismatched. Once the partitions are formatted by the control, put your usb drive back into the computer, double click on the 01 OSP drive and now you can drag programs into that folder and they will be seen by the control as well. Make sure the USB reader in the control is set to the proper 00 or 01. I use OSP exclusively as these programs are recognized immediately. If you transfer them in DOS format, you'll still need to convert them to OSP in the control. More steps to get the same outcome. Hopefully this saves some people time. Good luck.