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Establishing a supply chain for your product + finance/accounting questions.

I got a quote back from the laser shop for my blanks... it caught me off guard, I had to check the math twice. Their quote for finished blanks was just over half the price of the raw material quote I had gotten elsewhere! Had a gone with the raw material, I would've also had to spend days sawing it into blanks. This just made my week!
Looks like you're buying steaks tonight?
Where are we all meeting at?


I am Ox and I approve this here post!

If that was a possibility, I would absolutely do it!

I feel 20 pounds lighter having this issue off my mind. Sometimes it is difficult to ask for help here because of the public nature of the forum. However when I do, I always get what I need and learn something new. Thanks everyone!
I s'pose it's for the best...

My experience with such in the past, wasn't good for the gander, or ... well - the steak house that is...

20+ yrs ago we were riding in Crested Butte, Colorado, and it was decided that I was the fly in the ointment, that I was the one stuck the most for the day, and it was decided that I was buying supper for all. And by supper, they weren't overly interested in Taco Bell.

Thankfully "all" was just 3 of us!

So we went in to Gunnison that evening and ate at The Cattlemen's, a historic restaurant built in 1940.
We didn't find out for a few weeks, but the joint burnt down later that night.

We are now a bit over 20 years now, and I hope that the statute of limitations has run out on that by now, so that I don't have to worry about getting extradited for arson! :eek:

On a side note - me and Mrs. O swung through Dodge City, Kansas on our way home a few years ago, and I was all pumped to stop in to historic Delmonico's, only to find that after they couldn't weather Wuhan Institute for Biological Warfare Flu.

After a century and a half, I missed them by just a few years!
"Oh - the humanity!" :bawling:


I am Ox and I approve this here post!
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