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Fabrication video, is it a sales gimmick?

This is the part I love. I gave up having TV back when DirecTV tried to force me off of owned equipment and into their leased box. I like watching manufacturing content, even if it's viewed as commercials for their product. I go to trade shows and walk until my feet are gonna fall off to get this information. I can watch manufacturing content for far too many hours in a day and not see it all.

I'd gladly sit through a Titans of CNC marathon rather than be forced to watch Game of Thrones. "BOAM baybee!" :D
Woah!, you had me all the way up to "game of thrones" then you crossed the line.
My favorite to watch was "how its made", I could/have sat for a sick day and just watched it. :D
Just my opinion here but this was a huge fail for Fireball tool, if I want this level of tool deception I will look for it.

There was the other thread and I think I mentioned if he tried that with the fab guy next door and commented on his quality negatively he would be fearing for his life. Especially considering the surreptitious way the test was conducted. Highly unprofessional what that guy is doing.
Titans of CNC? I wished they had a barf smiley. :D

Way, way too "theatrical" for me.

Edit, hang on: : 🤮
I sometimes watch his channel; he (and the others in his shop) comes across as a nice guys. Imho it would be more enjoyable to watch without the hamming it up for the camera, overproduction and metal music. To be fair though a lot of channels put metal music / electric guitar riffs in the background. Imho such music takes away from the content.

One channel I've been watching for a few months now is a newish English guy called WelderFabber. He doesn't do machining; he repairs/manages a workshop that works on excavators, crushers, and trucks occassionally. He works for a very large English plant hire firm. His work is a bit like Aussie YouTuber Cutting Edge Engineering.

What I love about his channel is that there is no over-production; no hamming it up for the camera; no faffing about. It's all just calm casual work. I never get the feeling he is trying to drag out work just so that he can have a long video. Guy just comes across as very down to earth and genuine.

Here's his channel. Wonder if Limy Sami watches?
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Trying for the life of me to figure why 'this needs to be addressed?'

Sorry for the late response dealing with school then traveling for the holidays eats up time quick. The reason I think/thought it needed adderssed is because there is a lot of new people getting into fabrication as there is so much "content" and so many content creators out there giving out advice. Some just spewing absolute nonsense, Jason doesn't fit in this category in my opinion at least. The expectation Jason has in the video is absolutely not possible and people learning the trades need to know that to stay on course to be successful. I don't think the garbage advise is always being delt out intentionally, but it is the result of the never ending search for views and the content that draws them. I like Fireball tool, Jason just missed the mark here.
The irony is the OP is contributing to the marketing plan.

2000 views by people interested in metal work...where else can you get that targeted reach for free?
Yeah I know, I hate to be part of the problem I am just hoping to get the knowlege out there so some new to the trade individual doesn't start to compare their work to a CMM machine and the parallel tolerances.